For more detailed and expanded information on the 4th and 5th dimensional chakras, please go to the 22 Rays of God at WalkingTerraChrista.com External link opens in new tab or windowCLICK HERE

I studied under Rev. Christine Meleriessee Hayden for my Ascension Mastery and Ray Mastery teachings, and I am still following her amazing work. 

For anyone wanting to work more deeply and completely on your own Ascension Process, I highly recommend working with her.

Free Downloads

Root and Sacral 275.9KB
Solar Plexus 267.3KB
Heart 370.6KB
Throat 357.7KB
Third Eye 370.8KB
Crown 398.8KB
4th Dimensional Chakra Grid 289.5KB
5th Dimensional Chakra Grid 288.9KB