I was a guest on The International Angels Network radio show on with Claudia Ibarra as the host.  The Arcturians presented information on the Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine energies.  To listen or download the podcast External link opens in new tab or windowCLICK HERE


I was recently interview on RedPill Rapport. We discussed Ascension and being a Verbal Channel for the Divine Energies.  A couple collective groups of guides I work with came through, The Brothers Three and The Gate Keepers/Grid Keepers. External link opens in new tab or windowEP:17 A channeled validation with Margaret Bryant and other extradimensional beings

I have a few meditations on YouTube.  I apologize, they are not professionally done.  They were recorded when I did BlogTalkRadio for 5 1/2 years.  You may hear my granddaughter in the background knocking and asking to come in.  She always knew when I was doing a show!!!  Anyway, my God Team instructed me to put them on there as they were as the energy holds it's space in them.
Ther are also a few sessions of DIVE INTO THE DIVINE WITH MARGARET BRYANT AND ANIRUDH MISHRA.  In these videos, Anirudh and I bring through lots of information and tools to use during this Ascension process that the whole of humanity is going though.
More meditations are on their way.